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The name of TOTAL DEFENSE was inspired by Singapore’s Total Defense Campaign, which focus on the need for every Singaporean to play his or her role to defend the nation from crisis such as terrorist attack, natural disasters, climate change, energy, water and food scarcity, piracy, illegal immigration, self-radicalization.


Our Vision.


As a group of professionals who has been working in defense, Tele-communication and Fire & rescue industries for many years, we understand the importance of equipment & tools when handling these critical situations. Our vision is to provide First-class but affordable solutions to our soldiers, rescuers and other professionals to improve their efficiency, safety and comfort.  

Company Profile.


TOTAL DEFENSE SOLTIONS is a professional solution provider for Defense, Emergency communication and Fire-fighting & Rescue industries. Our solutions include special vehicles, trailers, rigid-wall and soft-wall shelters, and system components such telescopic towers, stabilizers, power generators, winches & hoists, air compressors, and shock & vibration isolators.  

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