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RibbonLift Electro-mechanical Mast

RibbonLift delivers advanced positioning technology that is compact, portable, powerful and highly versatile. The patented RibbonLift design creates a strong and stable ascending or descending column capable of positioning set equipment, platforms and sensitive instruments at up to 25 times extension from its base.

Designed to meet the demands of both indoor and outdoor venues, the RibbonLift is able to accomplish a multitude of positioning tasks elegantly and unobtrusively. The nearly silent mechanics will not cause a distraction during a performance and the low retracted profile and slender column will not interfere with the sight lines of the audience. The RibbonLift’s compact design makes it well-suited for quick repositioning during performances and fast tear down when it is time to move to the next venue. The column extends and retracts quickly with the push of a button and provides nearly unlimited flexibility when it comes to speed and height positioning.

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