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Foam proportioning system

The TOTAL WOTHER Foam proportioning system is a professional negative pressure intelligent foam proportioning system for fire engines. Hereinafter referred to as (B class system) is a new type of negative pressure ring pump system specially designed for B foam proportioning. In addition to the advantages of wide adaptability, accurate measurement, easy installation and convenient operation, the system especially adds the proprietary function of the product: online calibration function - when calibrating the water flow, the accuracy of the system is improved, the man-machine dialogue is simplified and the user experience is improved by calibrating the large and small water flow respectively. The system has one key automatic cleaning mode. After use, the system can be cleaned automatically with one key operation.

◎ Technical highlights:

This system has completely abandoned the traditional idea of foam proportioning mixer in configuration, and no need to install "foam flow sensor". This is epoch-making major technological innovation, the one and only advanced in the field, leading the world advanced level, and improving the reliability of product, convenience of installation, accuracy of output and simplicity of operation. It is a great technological revolution in the current foam proportioning system.

The actual test shows that the system has no difference with the output precision of the "foam flow sensor" system.

◎ Technical features

◆ one button operation

The system boot page display will enter the main page after less than 5 seconds. It is in the "automatic operation" and "bubble off" state. The system initialization self check is already in progress. The valve opening of the electronic control valve runs from 0% to 100% for a week and returns to work state 15s.

◆ automatic flushing

 Press the "F1"key,Check "autoflush" , the system opens the foam washing valve automatically.、 Pressure water valve,Delay opening of electric control valve When all electric control valves are opened, flush for 30s. When the above valves are closed, the electric control valve will automatically return to the "0" position, The system automatically returns to "automatic operation" mode. If you need to end the automatic flushing during the flushing process, just press once  F1 key, the system will end the flushing process and the electric control valve will automatically return to the "0" position。

◎Main technical parameters

Inlet pressure range: 0.7 ~ 1.3mpa; The ratio of foam liquid can be adjusted from 1 to 10%. Suitable foam type: class B.

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